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    Dear all,

    we are expats living in Leuven and would need some advice on kleuterschools here.

    We went to the open days, but since we do not know many people here yet , I am missing some first hand information and experience about the schools to pick the top one on our list.

    We are searching for a good school that preferably offers quality warm meals and after school care.Our address is Paternosterstaar in Kessel Lo, but work address is in the center, so school should be in one of those 2 areas.

    De 7sprong and Sancta Maria both seem to have it.Although on paper they seem very different, with one being Catholic school and one Freinet, it seemed to me both have an individual approach on children and offer a lot.

    De Speelkriebel is super close to our house, but it seems to me they do not offer warm meals.How does it work then, could children heat up a meal they bring from home? Also , is it true that this school has a bad reputation?

    I would appreciate it if someone familiar with the schools could compare them or mention some experience,what reputation do the schools have with locals and similiar.

    Thank you!
  • Marie, are you on Facebook? Become a member of "Durf te vragen Leuven". There are thousands of people there, from Leuven, they can help you!
  • I don't know if you have looked into this, but Leuven also has an International School.


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