Childbirth In UZ Leuven or Heilig Hart

  • Childbirth In UZ Leuven or Heilig Hart

    Childbirth in Leuven

    Hi, I apologize for writing in English but my Dutch isn't really good!

    I would like to hear some advice and recommendations from women who have given birth in Leuven. I had my first consultation in UZ Leuven and I love it, but I feel a little confused because I don't have always the same gynecologist.Do anyone here recommend a gynecologist that also can delivery in UZ Leuven?
    I would like to hear your experiences!
    3 keer aangepast. Laatste keer door Yudalyp op 10/07/2019 17:18
  • No real birth experience in Leuven but to me one of the best hospitals in Belgium...
    Your baby and yourself will have the best possible care if all goes good.
    They have the best neonatologie care of Belgium.
    So just for your baby it would be the best place to be born bigsmile.gif
  • If you want to have de same docter in Uz Leuven, you have to take private consultations, or you will have different docters the whole time.
  • Thanks you very much! Makes me happy to hear that about UZ Leuven, and is very helpful to know that I will need to go to a private consultation.


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