Childbirth in Leuven

  • Childbirth in Leuven

    Hi, I apologize for writing in English but my Dutch isn't really good!

    I would like to hear some advice and recommendations from women who have given birth in Leuven. I am 34 weeks pregnant at the moment and will be moving to Leuven from 1st of February. Since I am moving from a different country, I don't know much about childbirth and prenatal care in Belgium.

    So far, I didn't have any complications and had my pregnancy monitored by a midwife and gyne in Netherlands.

    I will be living in Brusselstraat in Leuven and am looking for a recommendation for a hospital that is not too far away, where speaking English would not be a problem and where you had a pleasant childbirth.

    I am still thinking about epidural, so it is possible that I will want to have that option in a hospital. Moreover, I would like to donate the umbilical cord .

    Also, if someone has some knowledge about bills and insurance, I have European Health Insurance Card and that was enough to cover my maternity care in Netherlands. If someone had a similar situation, how much could I expect to have to pay for giving birth in Belgium with European Health Insurance Card? Would it pay of to get some insurance in Belgium and witch company would you recommend? Thanks!
  • The university hospital of Leuven (www. uzleuven .be/en) is one of the best hospitals in the country. As you are an international patient, I would advice this hospital also because they have a lot of experience with foreign patients. Because of there expertise, for example in foetal surgery, patients from all over Europe visit this hospital. I'm sure they'll be able to help you with their questions on bills and insurance. On their website you can find a folder on financial information.
  • And I wouldn't recommend UZ Leuven. That's a factory, not a hospital.
    I would recommend Heilig Hart Ziekenhuis in Leuven. I didn't give birth there, but I hear lots of good things about their maternity ward, much better than UZ Leuven.
    I have been to both hospitals for other things and I preferred Heilig Hart Ziekenhuis by far.
    I don't know anything about the European Insurance, but it is too late to take an insurance in Belgium now, as they have a waiting term of several months and they won't pay for childbirth if you're already pregnant when you start paying insurance fees.
  • UZ Leuven! If something goes wrong, you and your baby are better off there .. You will feel safer there smile.gif
  • I would also recommend UZ Leuven. I delivered both of my daughters in this hospital (I also work there) and during my delivery, I never felt like a number. It's an academic hospital so there is a big chance you'll be 'surrounded' by students wink.gif When they were delivering my placenta, a student came and looked/helped. But they always ask first so smile.gif

    And about the epidural, it was never a problem smile.gif Both times I never had to wait very long (thank god).
    I'm especially very happy about the midwives in the delivery room, they were very kind, helpful and compassionate smile.gif
  • I used to live in Leuven. I gave birth once in Gasthuisberg and once at home with the midwives of "Bolle Buik". English is no problem!hchilug

    It's a big hospital true, but I have had some less positive experiences with the Heilig Hart Hospital on Naamsestraat. Once it was with a pediatrician, once with a gynecologist and also with a Nose-throat-ear specialist... so I would be tempted to go back to Gasthuisberg.



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